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The Weekly Link Award - Hall of Fame 2004


  4 HealthWeb
A collaborative project of the health sciences libraries of the Greater Midwest Region (GMR) of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) and those of the Committee for Institutional Cooperation. Provides organized access to evaluated non-commercial, health-related, Internet-accessible resources.
Links :: Health and Medicine :: Directories
11 Braingle
User submitted and ranked brain teasers, riddles, logic problems and mind puzzles. Exercise the brain and boost learning and creativity.
Links :: Lifestyle and Recreation :: Games :: Internet :: Puzzles :: Brain Teasers
18 LessonPlansPage.com
2,000+ Free Lesson Plans in Math, Social Studies, Arts, Language, Music, Writing, Science and more. Great educational resource for teachers and parents, since 1996.
Links :: Education :: Teacher Resources :: K-12
25 National Parks Conservation Association
Web site of the National Parks Conservation Association, a non-profit organization working to protect parks for present and future generations.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Environment


  1 Tufts University Nutrition Navigator
Experts at Tufts quickly help you find nutrition information you can trust by reviewing nutrition websites for content and usability.
Links :: Health and Medicine :: Nutrition :: Directories
  8 Search Systems
Provides over 10,000 links to free public record databases around the world to help you locate businesses, people, and the information you need to make important decisions.
Links :: Job and Business :: Directories
15 Wired for Books
Features author interviews, spoken poetry and stories, and children's literature, in text, pictures, and streaming audio and video.
Links :: Humanities :: Literature
22 PuzzleSolver.com
Solutions for your mechanical puzzles!
Links :: Lifestyle and Recreation :: Games :: Puzzles :: Help
29 Home PC Firewall Guide
Learn how to protect home and small-office computers and networks from hackers by using personal firewall, antivirus, anti-trojan and privacy software plus wired and wireless routers with firewall features. Find product reviews.
Links :: Computers :: Security :: Firewalls


  7 Extreme Science
Ever wondered what the biggest, baddest, and the best are in the natural world? Extreme Science has all the cool world records in earth science and the creature world that you want to see; plus there's some cool stuff on space science and exploration, links to real-time, real-live science data, and the best science on the Web.
Links :: Science and Technology
14 RootsWeb
The Internet's oldest and largest free genealogical community. An award winning genealogical resource with searchable databases, free Web space, mailing lists, message boards, and more.
Links :: Society :: Genealogy :: Resources
21 yourDictionary.com
Very comprehensive and authoritative language portal with every resource needed for language study and improvement in more than 250 languages.
Links :: Reference :: Dictionaries
28 Teorķa - Music Theory Web
Web site dedicated to the study of Musical Theory. Articles, books, interactive exercises, software.
Links :: Music :: Theory


  4 Pandia
Site on Web searching and search engine marketing, with tutorials, news, tools, reviews and SE optimization resources. Search the Web with its metasearch engine, directory, online radio index and people and news finders!
Links :: Computers :: Internet :: Website Administration
11 Virtual Hospital
A digital health sciences library created in 1992 at the University of Iowa to help meet the information needs of health care providers and patients. The goal of the Virtual Hospital digital library is to make the Internet a useful medical reference and health promotion tool for health care providers and patients. The Virtual Hospital digital library contains thousands of textbooks and booklets for health care providers and patients.
Links :: Reference :: Libraries :: Digital
18 Earth Science Picture of the Day
Highlights the diverse processes and phenomena which shape our planet and our lives. EPOD will collect and archive photos, imagery, graphics, and artwork with short explanatory captions and links exemplifying features within the Earth system. The community is invited to contribute digital imagery, short captions and relevant links.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Earth Sciences
25 AIM Manufacturing Videos
Introductory Web site for kids and adults showing how various items are made. It covers over 40 different products and manufacturing processes, and includes almost 4 hours of manufacturing video. By AIM (Alliance for Innovative Manufacturing) at Stanford University.
Links :: Science and Technology


  2 whichbook.net
Gives readers an enjoyable and intuitive way to find books to match their mood. Instead of starting from the overwhelming choice of books available, whichbook.net starts from the reader, and enables each individual to build the elements of that elusive 'good read' we are all looking for but don't quite know how to define.
Links :: Reference :: Books
  9 Instrument Encyclopedia
A sampler of some of the world's most interesting musical instruments: explore the diversity and creativity of musical traditions as you browse the site's gallery or search for a favorite instrument.
Links :: Music :: Instruments
16 CELLS alive!
A visual, interactive tour of cells, bacteria, viruses and their interaction.
Links :: Kids and Teens :: Science :: Biology
23 PrimaryGames.com
Fun site for elementary kids that features educational games, printable coloring pages, holiday activities, free musical postcards, crafts, puzzles, and more!
Links :: Kids and Teens :: Games :: Internet
30 Vmyths.com
Learn about computer virus myths, hoaxes, urban legends, hysteria, and the implications if you believe in them. You can also search a list of computer virus hoaxes & virus hysteria from A to Z.
Links :: Computers :: Internet :: Email :: Spam


  6 SitePoint: Empowering Web Developers Since 1997
With a vast variety of Web design tutorials and articles coupled with a vibrant and well informed community, SitePoint is the natural place to go to grow your online business.
Links :: Computers :: Internet :: Website Design
13 The Home Energy Saver
The Home Energy Saver is designed to help consumers identify the best ways to save energy in their homes, and find the resources to make the savings happen. From Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.
Links :: Reference :: Tips and Know How :: Home
20 NOAA Ocean Explorer
Explore the ocean realm with NOAA. This Web site chronicles the adventures and discoveries of NOAA's at-sea science and education teams.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Earth Sciences :: Oceanography
27 Curious About Astronomy?
Astronomers at Cornell University will answer your questions. Contains an extensive archive of previous questions, astronomy-related links and more.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Astronomy and Space


  4 BillsGames.com
A collection of free, Java-less games you can play over the Web! Solitaire, Hangman, BlackJack, Mazes and more!
Links :: Lifestyle and Recreation :: Games :: Internet :: Collections
11 DriverGuide.com
Looking for a driver? DriverGuide.com has the Web's largest collection of drivers for all device types. The site includes an easy step-by-step process for finding, downloading, and installing drivers, a company and driver search engine, manufacturer specific discussion boards, driver uploading and file sharing, and many other useful features.
Links :: Computers :: Support :: Drivers
18 EyeWitness to History
Your ringside seat to history, from the Ancient World to the present. History through the eyes of those who lived it.
Links :: Humanities :: History
25 Luminarium
Aniina Jokinen's Web site on Medieval, Renaissance and 17th century English literature: texts, essays and articles, biographies, illustrations, music and more.
Links :: Humanities :: Literature :: British


  1 The Mozart Project
The life, times and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Includes a complete Köchel listing, bibliography, biography, links to related sites and commentary on individual compositions.
Links :: Music :: History :: Composers
  8 FoodLines (offline)
Food and nutrition news, recipe swap, healthy eating, tips, tools, marketplace and more.
Links :: Lifestyle and Recreation :: Cooking
15 The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth
Hosts the best and most complete online collection of astronaut photographs of the Earth.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Astronomy and Space
22 Purdue University's Online Writing Lab
The Purdue University Online Writing Lab has been serving the Purdue community and the rest of the world over the Internet since 1993, offering a Web site with materials and resources, e-mail tutoring for brief questions, a free weekly e-mail newsletter about writing and more.
Links :: Humanities :: Literature :: Writers Resources
29 Computer Hope's free computer help
A collection of free services that allows any user to access its database of extensive free computer related information. Some of the services that Computer Hope is able to offer include free technical support, computer product information, computer product buying tips, third party computer company information, computer dictionary, weekly computer newsletter, daily computer news, and much more.
Links :: Computers :: Support :: Help


  5 Math Goodies
A free math help site featuring interactive math lessons, homework help, worksheets, puzzles, forum and more! With over 400 pages of math resources for students, educators, and parents.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Math :: Education
12 NationMaster.com
A massive central data source and a handy way to graphically compare nations. NationMaster is a vast compilation of data from such sources as the CIA World Factbook, United Nations, World Health Organization, World Bank, World Resources Institute, UNESCO, UNICEF and OECD. It aims to be the web's one-stop resource for country statistics on anything and everything.
Links :: Reference :: Statistics
19 Do you know about anatomy?
15 teachers present to you in different language interactives activities about skeleton, eye, skull, digestive system, respiratory system, skin. In differents playing-views, learning the human-body will be a pleasure for everyone. A work book is available to keep a written part too.
Links :: Health and Medicine :: Anatomy
26 Digital Photography Review
All the latest digital camera reviews and digital imaging news. Lively discussion forums. Vast samples galleries and the largest database of digital camera specifications.
Links :: Art and Culture :: Photography :: Techniques :: Digital


  3 FindLaw
Extensive legal guide, containing cases, codes, forms, thousands of links to legal sites, law reviews, law schools, bar associations, law firms, experts, cle courses, and much more!
Links :: Society :: Law
10 U.S. FDA / Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
CFSAN is responsible for promoting and protecting the public's health by ensuring that the nation's food supply is safe, sanitary, wholesome and honestly labeled, and that cosmetic products are safe and properly labeled. Plenty of information on several topics with different interest areas.
Links :: Health and Medicine :: Nutrition
17 How Volcanoes Work
Extensive educational resource that describes the science behind volcanoes and volcanic processes: eruption dynamics, volcanic landforms, eruptions products and types. Hundreds of images and several animations.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Earth Sciences :: Geology :: Volcanoes
24 Recipezaar
The World's Smartest Cookbook. Recipes cooking & nutritional information for every food & drink posted & rated by real people like you.
Links :: Lifestyle & Recreation :: Cooking
31 Robots.net
The place to read the lastest news on personal and industrial robotics, robot competitions, and other cool stuff.
Links :: Computers :: Robotics


  7 FILExt
FILExt.com is the file extension source. Here you'll find a collection of file extensions; many linked to the programs that created the files.
Links :: Computers :: Data Formats
14 Antique Radio Home Page - Phil's Old Radios
The leading antique radio WWW site, featuring an online gallery of hundreds of antique radios with color photos and commentary, extensive information and links for collectors, sources of parts and repair services, a special beginner's section, construction projects, and extensive articles about restoring antique radios.
Links :: Lifestyle and Recreation :: Collecting and Antiques :: Radios
21 College Drinking: Changing the Culture
Information about the dangers of college and high school drinking.
Links :: Health and Medicine :: Addictions :: Substances :: Alcohol
28 SpywareInfo
Information about spyware and how to guard your privacy.
Links :: Computers :: Security :: Spyware


  5 National Mental Health Information Center
Mental illness facts, mental health services, health tips.
Links :: Health and Medicine :: Mental Health
12 chessKIDS academy
How to play chess: free online chess lessons for kids. Play against the computer. Chess resources for teachers and parents.
Links :: Kids and Teens :: Games :: Internet
19 P@ssport
Web site of World Wildlife Fund where you can send petitions on environmental issues.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Environment :: Activism
26 InventNET
The first Internet-based international inventors organization helping inventors with their new ideas & new inventions since 1995.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Inventions and Innovations

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