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  • Ask Bob Rankin - Free tech support! Ask Bob about computers, technology, gadgets or the Internet. - ENGLISH
  • Ask Dave Taylor - Industry guru Dave Taylor answers questions about a wide variety of technical and business topics, including HTML, online advertising, Cascading Style Sheets, Web design, management, Unix, Linux, search engine optimization, online dating, Mac OS X, shell script programming and Microsoft Windows. - ENGLISH
  • Computer Hope's free computer help - A collection of free services that allows any user to access its database of extensive free computer related information. Some of the services that Computer Hope is able to offer include free technical support, computer product information, computer product buying tips, third party computer company information, computer dictionary, weekly computer newsletter, daily computer news, and much more. - ENGLISH
  • Computing.Net - One of the biggest and oldest technical support Web sites. It can help almost anyone obtain technical support for their computing needs. - ENGLISH
  • HelpWithPCs.com - This Web site contains many sections for you to look through and study to help you learn more about your PC and its programs. - ENGLISH
  • protonic.com - An online community that provides technical support to computer users for free. - ENGLISH
  • Puter-school - Free Computer/Software Support and more... - ENGLISH
  • Super User - A collaboratively edited question and answer site for computer enthusiasts - on any platform. It's 100% free, no registration required. - ENGLISH
  • Virtual Dr - Interactive Forum communities help expert and novice alike run their PC, server, or hardware better! Drop in with a problem, dilemna or question or check out expert tutorials for your specific needs. - ENGLISH

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  Links > Computers > Support > Help

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