Linksgiving.com's aim is to create a high quality collection of links to the most interesting and useful Web sites (mainly in English, with the possibility to insert German and Italian sites as well).
You visit Linksgiving.com to get but also to give information. The input page of the site allows you to insert links of different sorts (see our Rules) into the database. You can access this page by clicking on the "linksgiving" button of the Homepage.

How many times have you been busy at your computer for hours looking for a site that can give an answer to your questions... And finally, after finding it, what a satisfaction it is to insert it into your favorite ones!...
Why keeping the results of one's research for oneself, why not sharing them with other Internet users?

The true spirit of Internet is altruism not egoism... For example, when you send an e-mail, it goes from one server to another, until it reaches its destination. None of those servers makes a profit by forwarding it, but its contribute is of prime importance: if only one link of that chain would fail, by thinking of its own interest, that e-mail could never reach its addressee.

Linksgiving.com wants to create a collection of unique links, the most wanted, interesting and hard to find. To insert "one's" links into that file means giving an important contribution to the Internet community.

The use of Linksgiving.com is very simple: by clicking on the "linksgiving" button you can insert links into the database; to access the links of our file, you can either click on the wanted category or use our site search engine, in the "Links" box of the Homepage. The database will be updated as soon as possible, after having checked the suggested sites.
It is important to notice that, in order to speed up your link access search, there are hypertextual connections, shortcuts, between categories (indicated by @). Keep an eye on the blue menu bar not to get lost in hyperspace: it shows your position inside the database ;-)
Above our user-submitted links you may find sponsor links (recognizable by the icon sponsor site). They are links to quality sites, whose owners have decided to contribute to our project, listing their own site in our prestigious Directory. Please, pay a visit to them and help keep our site online!
If you are a webmaster and want your site to become a sponsor, you can submit it using the "Submit Your Own Site" link found at the center bottom of every category page. All information on our commercial listings can be found on this other page.

As we already said, Linksgiving.com looks for many different kinds of links. Together with this normal search, we also seek for links belonging to a special category in 15 day rounds. The specific category of "looking for..." is voted for by the Linksgiving.com users when they insert their links. Every 15 days one category is chosen. This makes it very interesting to interact with this site and visit it again and again.

The "gemstones" of our precious link collection can be found on our Weekly Link Award homepage. There you can find hundreds of outstanding Web sites, awarded since January 2002.

Our site itself has received several awards and recognitions. Check them out here!

Thank you for your interest in Linksgiving.com!

Besides the joy of giving the fruits of your research, we wish you find useful links among our addresses that make you save time and energy.

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