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The Weekly Link Award - Hall of Fame 2003


  5 Automotive Learning Online (offline)
Explore the marvel of the automobile, with 100's of graphics, thousands of descriptive links and animations.
Links :: Lifestyle and Recreation :: Automotive :: Resources
12 APOD Astronomy Picture of the Day
Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Astronomy and Space
19 The Cybercafe Search Engine
Find a Cybercafe Near You! The site's database contains listings for more than 6000 verified cybercafes, public internet access points and kiosks in 169 countries.
Links :: Computers :: Internet :: Cybercafes
26 Abyz News Links
A portal to online news sources from around the world. It is primarily composed of newspapers but also includes many broadcast stations, internet services, magazines, and press agencies.
Links :: Society :: News and Media :: Directories


  2 The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Free online encyclopedia, edited by James Fieser and Bradley Dowden, hosted by the University of Tennessee at Martin.
Links :: Reference :: Encyclopedias
  9 The Internet Archive
An Internet library, with the purpose of offering free and permanent access to historical digital collections for researchers, historians, and scholars. With the Internet Archive Wayback Machine you can surf the web as it was: the archive contains over 100 terabytes and 10 billion web pages archived from 1996 to the present!
Links :: Computers :: Internet :: Archives
16 The Aria Database
A collection of information on operatic arias for singers and music lovers spanning the history of opera including translations, aria lyrics, and MIDI files.
Links :: Music :: Opera
23 The Math Forum
A leading center for mathematics and mathematics education on the Internet. The Math Forum's mission is to provide resources, materials, activities, person-to-person interactions, and educational products and services that enrich and support teaching and learning in an increasingly technological world.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Math


  2 The Luminous Landscape
Very comprehensive site devoted to the art of landscape and nature photography using traditional as well as digital image processing techniques.
Links :: Art and Culture :: Photography :: Techniques
  9 MEDLINEplus
Health Information from the National Library of Medicine.
Links :: Health and Medicine
16 ArtLex Art Dictionary
More than 2,600 terms defined, many with illustrations, great quotations, pronunciation notes, and links to other resources.
Links :: Reference :: Dictionaries
23 The Chandra X-ray Observatory Center
News, photos, chronicles, education and resources about the Chandra X-ray Observatory.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Astronomy and Space :: Observatories
30 The Teacher's Corner
Teacher resources, lesson plans, thematic units, seasonal/subject activities and more. Find new and exciting ideas!
Links :: Education :: Teacher Resources :: K-12


  6 Art History Resources on the Web
Very comprehensive collection of Art History links divided by period. By Chris Witcombe, Professor of Art History at the Sweet Briar College, Virginia.
Links :: Art and Culture :: Art History :: Directories
13 National Women's Health Information Center (offline)
Provides a gateway to the vast array of Federal and other women's health information resources. This site can help you link to, read, and download a wide variety of women's health-related material developed by the Department of Health and Human Services, other Federal agencies, and private sector resources.
Links :: Health and Medicine :: Women
20 Tree of Life Web Project
The Tree of Life is a global, collaborative effort documenting biodiversity and phylogeny of life. Its goal is to compile information about evolutionary history and characteristics of all organisms.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Biology :: Organisms
27 iLoveLanguages
A comprehensive catalog of language-related Internet resources. The more than 2000 links at iLoveLanguages have been hand-reviewed to bring you the best language links the Web has to offer.
Links :: Travel :: Languages :: Directories


  4 WorldLII
World Legal Information Institute: free, independent and non-profit access to worldwide law.
Links :: Society :: Law
11 VirtualTourist.com
Travel online community. Learn from other travelers and share your travel knowledge and pictures on more than 2 million locations. Chat, discussion forums, travelogues, trip reports, photos, maps...
Links :: Travel
18 SBA: Small Business Administration
Services provided by the U.S. Small Business Administration Offices and Partners.
Links :: Job and Business :: Small Business
25 MathWorld
A comprehensive and interactive mathematics encyclopedia intended for students, educators, math enthusiasts, and researchers.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Math


  1 Artcyclopedia
The Artcyclopedia is an index of online museums and image archives: find out where the works of over 7,500 different fine artists can be viewed online.
Links :: Art and Culture :: Directories
  8 Windows to the Universe
Comprehensive, graphics intensive, fun Web site about the Earth and Space Sciences.
Links :: Kids and Teens :: Science :: Astronomy and Space
15 Power Reporting
Resources and training for journalists, from Bill Dedman: computer-assisted reporting, computer-assisted journalism, alert services, bookmarks, newsroom training, search tools.
Links :: Society :: News and Media :: Resources and Services
22 MacTutor History of Mathematics
The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive, created and maintained by John O'Connor and Edmund F. Robertson, contains the biographies of more than 1300 mathematicians plus articles, resources and more.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Math :: History
The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) provides an integrated approach to the use of gene and protein sequence information, the scientific literature (MEDLINE), molecular structures, and related resources, in biomedicine.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Biology :: Genetics


  6 Hardin MD
The Medical Information Hub from the University of Iowa: the best lists of links in health and medicine.
Links :: Health and Medicine :: Directories
13 The Why Files
Your source for science behind the news. From the University of Wisconsin.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Education
20 Behind the Name
The etymology and history of first names.
Links :: Reference :: Dictionaries
27 GeneaNet
Free world network of users who use the Internet to search for their ancestors. If you are fascinated with history and genealogy, search for your family name and history in the users' databases!
Links :: Society :: Genealogy :: Resources :: Databases


  3 Ask Dr. Universe
You can ask Dr. Universe almost anything! She'll go to Washington State University's great team of researchers for her information. She'll follow them out to the field, or into the laboratory or library, to find your answers... She is a cat, a cat with connections!
Links :: Kids and Teens :: Science
10 The International Children's Digital Library
Read hundreds of books cover to cover for free!
Links :: Reference :: Libraries :: Digital :: Kids and Teens
17 News and Newspapers Online (offline)
Lists hundreds of news resources from around the world that offer free access to current, general-interest, full-text news.
Links :: News and Media :: Directories
24 Early Music Record Labels (offline)
Lists record labels that issue CDs of early music or historically informed performances on instruments of the period (or modern copies).
Links :: Music :: Early Music :: Record Labels :: Directories
31 Coolmath.com
Very cool math stuff! Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, math puzzles and problems, tessellations, functions, limits, math links. Math for kids too!
Links :: Science and Technology :: Math :: Education


  7 The Biology Project
An interactive online resource for learning biology developed at The University of Arizona. The Biology Project is fun, richly illustrated, and tested on 1000s of students. It has been designed for biology students at the college and high school level, but is useful for medical students, physicians, science writers, and all types of interested people.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Biology :: Education
14 Orisinal : Morning Sunshine
Orisinal.com by Ferry Halim with Bubble Bees, Chicken Wings, Bum Bum Koala, Snowbowling, Dare Dozen, Cranky Crabs, and more!
Links :: Lifestyle and Recreation :: Games :: Internet :: Collections
21 VolunteerMatch
The mission of VolunteerMatch is to help everyone find a great place to volunteer. The nonprofit, online service, is helping thousands of nonprofit organizations attract the volunteer support they need.
Links :: Society :: Solidarity :: Volunteering :: Directories
28 MadSciNet
Interactive science teaching and community outreach tool, staffed and maintained by volunteer scientists and engineers from around the world. The MadSci Network fields questions in 26 different subjects, covering topics in astronomy, the biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, earth sciences, engineering and physics.
Links :: Kids and Teens :: Science


  5 The Global Gourmet
Features weekly updates, international recipes, cookbook profiles, regular columnists, food news, cooking tips, wine and product reviews, shopping and the Gourmet Guess food trivia game. Launched in 1994.
Links :: Lifestyle and Recreation :: Cooking
12 BreakTheChain.org
Your source for common-sense evaluations of e-mail chain letters, helpful tips and advice.
Links :: Computers :: Internet :: Email :: Spam
19 On-line Picasso Project
Year by year survey of artwork by Pablo Picasso. With biographical and bibliographical resources and museum list.
Links :: Art and Culture :: Art History :: Artists
26 Science Hobbyist
Amateur science resources, kids' science projects and activities, science textbook errors, Tesla coil construction, physics teaching articles, electricity articles, electrostatics projects. Weird science archives including antigravity, free energy, ball lightning, anomaly reporting, build-it projects, freenrg-L discussion group. Very content-heavy, link collections too. From Bill Beaty.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Amateur Science


  2 KinderArt
The largest collection of free online art lesson plans and art education information on the Internet. Your complete all-in-one resource for teaching the arts.
Links :: Art and Culture :: Art Education
  9 Center for History of Physics
The Center for History of Physics at the American Institute of Physics has a mission to preserve and make known the history of modern physics and allied sciences including astronomy, geophysics, optics, and the like.
Links :: Science and Technology :: Physics :: History
16 BookCrossing
Book tracking site with tens of thousands of book reviews, book ratings, and book recommendations.
Links :: Humanities :: Literature :: Reading Groups
23 The Online Guide to Traditional Games
Provides history, useful links and current information about traditional games from around the world.
Links :: Lifestyle and Recreation :: Games
30 Internet ScamBusters
An award winning free electronic newsletter (e-zine) to help people protect themselves from Internet scams, misinformation and hype that are costing entrepreneurs a fortune.
Links :: Computers :: Internet :: Email :: Spam


  7 Idealist.org
Online meeting place for nonprofit organizations, resources, consultants, job seekers and volunteers.
Links :: Society :: Solidarity :: Directories
14 Word2Word Language Resources and Translating Chat
This site is dedicated to breaking down of language barriers and assisting the users who have the desire to learn a language, a need to communicate between languages, and for those who work with languages as a profession.
Links :: Travel :: Languages :: Directories
21 TinyApps.Org
A guide to very small software for your PC.
Links :: Computers :: Software
28 The On-Line Books Page
The On-Line Books Page is a website that facilitates access to books that are freely readable over the Internet. It also aims to encourage the development of such on-line books, for the benefit and edification of all.
Links :: Reference :: Libraries :: Digital

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