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  • All of Bach - Every Friday, you will find a new recording here of one of Johann Sebastian Bach's 1080 works, performed by the Netherlands Bach Society and many guest musicians. - ENGLISH, DUTCH
  • Bach Bibliography - The searchable catalogue of books, articles, thesis, papers and facsimile editions on the works of Johann Sebastian Bach. - ENGLISH
  • Ludwig van Beethoven's website - Very comprehensive Web site on the life and work of Ludwig van Beethoven, with hundreds of midi files, thousands of images, links and resources. - ENGLISH, VARIOUS LANGUAGES
  • The J.S. Bach Home Page - An extensive biography, tour of Bach's life in Germany, catalog of his works, bibliography, recommended recordings, and other Bach resources on the Web. - ENGLISH
  • The Mozart Project - The life, times and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Includes a complete Köchel listing, bibliography, biography, links to related sites and commentary on individual compositions. - ENGLISH
  • The Unheard Beethoven - This website endeavors to make all of Beethoven's unrecorded music readily accessible to the public. These never-before-heard works are now available to anyone with a computer, a modem and a soundcard, in the form of MIDI files. - ENGLISH

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  Links > Music > History > Composers

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