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  • The Chemistry Collective - A collection of virtual labs, scenario-based learning activities, and concepts tests which can be incorporated into a variety of teaching approaches as pre-labs, alternatives to textbook homework, and in-class activities for individuals or teams. It is organized by a group of faculty and staff at Carnegie Mellon University for college and high school teachers who are interested in using, assessing, and/or creating engaging online activities for chemistry education. - ENGLISH
  • Chem4Kids.com - The Web site that teaches chemistry fundamentals to everyone! - ENGLISH
  • ChemEd DL - Provides exemplary digital resources, tools, and online services to aid in teaching and learning chemistry. A collaborative, community-driven effort, they provide a destination for all those interested in chemistry to share what they know so that others may learn. - ENGLISH
  • Chemistry Learning Tools - This site contains Chemistry learning tools that can be used during class or can be accessed any time outside of class. - ENGLISH

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  Links > Science and Technology > Chemistry > Education

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