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  • Carcare.org - Helps teach consumers how to Be Car Care Aware. Find information on auto parts, accessories, maintenance and repair. - ENGLISH, SPANISH
  • CarCareKiosk - Select your car and watch free videos that show you how to change a headlight bulb, oil filter, cabin air filter, jump-start your car and more! - ENGLISH
  • Daily Fuel Gauge Report - AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report is updated each business day and is the most comprehensive retail gasoline survey available. Everyday over 60,000 self-serve stations are surveyed. - ENGLISH
  • DrivePricing - A simple trip fuel cost estimator. It calculates the cost of gasoline to drive a car between points. DrivePricing works across country or across town. - ENGLISH
  • DriverSide - Receive advice on auto repairs, reviews, car prices and information about specific car makes and models. - ENGLISH
  • FreeAirPump.com - Helps people in the U.S. and Canada find free air for tires. Find free air, a public bike pump or a bicycle repair station near you! - ENGLISH
  • Fuel Economy - Gas mileage, safety, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions for new and used cars and trucks. Improve the MPG of your vehicle with their gas mileage tips. - ENGLISH
  • GasBuddy.com - Compare gas prices online. Canada and USA only. - ENGLISH
  • GasPriceWatch.com - Power to the People at the Pump! Find the lowest price of gas in your neighborhood. - ENGLISH
  • How a Car Works - Learn how a car works and how to fix cars with thousands of illustrations. - ENGLISH
  • MotorMouths - Tells you which new cars get the best reviews, so you can shop smarter. - ENGLISH
  • The Car Maintenance Bibles - Everything the DIY car enthusiast needs to know about basic car maintenance, wheels, tyres or tires, engine oil or motor oil, suspension, brakes, gearboxes, transmissions, engines, motors, petrol, gasoline and general car maintenance. - ENGLISH
  • Trip Gas Price - AAA Fuel Cost Calculator calculates the estimated fuel cost of your trip. - ENGLISH
  • TrueCar - Compare national, regional and local car prices to find what others paid for new cars. View comprehensive price reports to find the best new car deal. - ENGLISH

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  Links > Reference > Tips and Know How > Cars

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