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  • 280 Slides - Create beautiful presentations, access them from anywhere, and share them with the world. With 280 Slides, there's no software to download and nothing to pay for, and when you're done building your presentation you can share it any way you like. - ENGLISH
  • Blank Sheet Music .net - Print blank sheet music for free, supports guitar and bass tabs too, ready-to-print sheets in a few seconds, no software to download and install, no watermarks on prints, requires Flash plugin. - ENGLISH
  • Block Posters - Create any size wall posters from any size images for free! - ENGLISH
  • CL1P.net - Online Internet clipboard. Copy and paste between computers. No signup, no login required. - ENGLISH
  • CodVerter - Online text & HTML editors, code converters and regex detection tools. - ENGLISH
  • College Packing List - Create and customize your packing/shopping list for college. - ENGLISH
  • Color Hunter - Create and find color palettes made from images. - ENGLISH
  • ColorBlender - Free online tool for color palette design and matching. - ENGLISH
  • ColorCombos.com - A tool for Web developers to test website color combinations, along with a library of pre-selected combinations. - ENGLISH
  • ColorHexa.com - Color hex encyclopedia providing information about any color. - ENGLISH
  • COLOURlovers - A resource that monitors and influences color trends. COLOURlovers gives the people who use color - whether for ad campaigns, product design, or in architectural specification - a place to check out a world of color, compare color palettes, submit news and comments, and read color related articles and interviews. - ENGLISH, VARIOUS LANGUAGES
  • CometDocs - Converts and creates PDF, Text, Images, Word, Excel and other file and Microsoft formats. Over 50 different conversion types are available, most of which cannot be found anywhere else. It's free, fast and accurate! - ENGLISH
  • Compressor.io - Optimize and compress your images online. Compressor is a lossy and lossless photo compression tool. - ENGLISH
  • CopyPasteCharacter.com - An application for copying the 'hidden' characters that comes with the computer's typefaces, to be pasted into emails, tweets, text documents, forums and whatever else you might need to spice up with an extra ♔, ฿ or, ❒. - ENGLISH
  • Crocodoc - Comment on, edit, and fill out PDFs, Word documents, images and more! - ENGLISH
  • Cropp.me - Online tool for auto-cropping with the ability to find the most interesting region in an image and suggest the right cropping for it based on the size you need. - ENGLISH
  • Croppola - Provides automatic suggestions to obtain the best composition from pictures you have already shot. - ENGLISH
  • Dermandar - Easily create and share 360 panoramas with our fast online freeware, embed the result in your blog. No registration, no dowload or install. - ENGLISH
  • DrawAnywhere.com - Complete Web-based diagramming solutions. Create and share flow charts, block diagrams, process charts and other drawings online. - ENGLISH
  • Drop.io - A drop is a 'discrete' chunk of space you can use to store and share anything (pictures, video, audio, docs, etc) privately, without accounts, personal registration, or an email address. Drops are not 'searchable' and not 'networked', they are a simple platform for sharing which are by default private, but can be flexibly used in a range of ways from sharing family photos and videos to collaborating on work documents. - ENGLISH
  • E.ggTimer.com - A simple, easy-to-use online countdown timer, or egg timer. Just set a time and bookmark it for repeated use. You can also create a count down to a specific date or time. - ENGLISH
  • fd's Flickr Toys - Do fun stuff with your digital photos. Create motivational posters, movie posters, magazine covers, badges, mosaics, collages, calendars, frames, and a lot more! - ENGLISH
  • File Wiggler - A free online converter for all of your audio and video files! - ENGLISH
  • FillAnyPDF.com - The easiest way to fill any pdf file, convert any pdf in a fillable form. It's free and easy. - ENGLISH
  • findExif - A free service that can extract and show EXIF data from any photo on the Web. Exif data is shown in a user-friendly format, also supporting GPS geotagging. - ENGLISH
  • FixMyMovie.com - A one-click autofix for video, enhancing, correcting, and converting videos, and enabling easy sharing. - ENGLISH
  • FotoFlexer - Very powerful online photo editor. It can remove blemishes, change skin/hair color, morph photos and more! 100% free. - ENGLISH, VARIOUS LANGUAGES
  • GiftBox - An online gift manager. Gain control over all the gifts and holidays in your life. - ENGLISH
  • Google Translate - Free online language translation service instantly translates text and Web pages. - ENGLISH, VARIOUS LANGUAGES
  • Gridzzly.com - Make your own grid paper. - ENGLISH
  • HearWho - Convert any text to MP3 audio for use in your iPod or mp3 player. - ENGLISH
  • iaza - An image conversion Web service. It provides a number of useful and cool image conversion tools for simply transforming and manipulating images of various kinds via your browser. - ENGLISH, VARIOUS LANGUAGES
  • iCyte - Enables you to highlight and save text on any webpage, allowing you to recall the most relevant information. You can save sections of webpages or the whole thing. - ENGLISH
  • ImageSplitter - A Swiss army knife solution for your simple image processing. When it comes to cropping, resizing, converting or splitting images, ImageSplitter is your best companion. - ENGLISH
  • iPiccy - iPiccy picture editor makes your photos beautiful with easy and powerful editing tools. Edit pictures, apply photo effects add text and paint for free! - ENGLISH
  • JayCut - Engage your audience with this powerful online video editor seamlessly integrated on your website, or edit your own videos on JayCut's community. - ENGLISH
  • JustBeamIt - A service that makes transferring files a snap. Free, no registration required. - ENGLISH
  • kuler - Quickly create harmonious color themes online. Explore, create and share color themes. From Adobe Labs. - ENGLISH
  • LangID - A free Web service that allows you to identify in which language was written any text you need to analyze. - ENGLISH
  • LoonaPix.com - Easy and fast add photo effects or photo frames to your photos. LoonaPix.com is a photo processing online service, that lets you make your photos funny and unique. - ENGLISH
  • MakeRetro.com - A website where you can apply different old school effects on your photos. Without any software downloads or Photoshop plugins, you can make your photos look really cool, with effects like Lomo, Diana and Holda. - ENGLISH
  • MergePDF.net - This free service enables you to merge (combine) multiple PDF documents into a single PDF file, online. - ENGLISH
  • Minigroup - The easiest way to share the right stuff with the right people. Communicate, share and collaborate. See all your groups in one place. Free to join. - ENGLISH
  • Mint.com - Free personal finance software to assist you to manage your money, financial planning, and budget planning tools. Achieve your financial goals with Mint. - ENGLISH
  • Myoats - A community where people create designs using an online drawing application. These designs can be rated, downloaded, and archived. The Most Liked designs are rewarded by being featured on the home page. - ENGLISH
  • Needtomeet - Use Needtomeet's free and simple calendar to find a time that works for everyone. Schedule meetings with a few simple clicks! - ENGLISH
  • OneReceipt - With OneReceipt you can keep all your receipts (paper and digital) in one convenient place: store your receipts in the cloud, automatically pull in e-receipts, supercharge your paper receipts by simply taking a picture, organize your spending. All for free. - ENGLISH
  • Online-ConVert.com - Convert files like images, video, documents, audio and more to other formats with this free and fast online converter. - ENGLISH
  • PDF Hammer - A website that allows you to edit your PDF files online for free. You don't need to install any additional software, you can edit PDF documents right now inside your browser! - ENGLISH
  • PDF to Word - Using this PDF-to-Word conversion technology, you can quickly and easily create editable DOC/RTF files, making it a cinch to re-use PDF content in applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice, and WordPerfect. Best of all, it's entirely free! - ENGLISH
  • PDFconv - Instantly convert text documents, presentations, spreadsheets and images to PDF with this free online PDF converter. - ENGLISH
  • Pdfcrowd - Lets you convert HTML to PDF online. Create PDF from HTML or Web pages in your browser or in your Python, Ruby, .NET, Java, PHP apps via their API. - ENGLISH
  • PdfMakerApp - Create free PDF from text, images or HTML. - ENGLISH
  • PDFmyURL.com - A free tool to easily create a pdf from any webpage or URL. - ENGLISH
  • PDFTextOnline - Enables you to easily and quickly access the text and metadata held in your PDF documents, all without downloading or installing any new software. - ENGLISH
  • Phoenix - From basic image retouching to complex effects, Phoenix delivers the key features of a desktop image editor with the simplicity and accessibility of a web-based application. - ENGLISH
  • Photovisi - Your own photo collage as wallpaper or print. Many templates to choose from, very easy to use. Completely online, no downloads required. - ENGLISH
  • Picfull - Free one click photo editing: choose a picture, apply a filter to it, save and share it. - ENGLISH
  • PicGhost - A mass image editor which allows you to upload multiple images at once. With PicGhost you can edit all your images online for free, no software or installations required. - ENGLISH
  • PicMonkey - A feature-rich, free online photo editor that works right in your browser; no downloads necessary. Touch-up tools like Teeth Whiten, Blemish Fix, Weight Loss. Effects like Orton, Cross Process, Color Boost, with drag and drop ease. All the photo editing magic of Picnik, with 78% more monkey. - ENGLISH
  • Pictaculous - Generate a color palette from PNG, JPG or GIF image/photo. Receive color suggestions, download Photoshop swatches (.ACO). - ENGLISH
  • Pix2fone - Make free phone wallpapers in a snap with Pix2fone. Send pictures from the web or your computer to your phone. - ENGLISH
  • Pixlr - A free online photo editor. Edit, adjust and filter your images. No registration. Just choose your flavor, jump in and start creating! - ENGLISH
  • Preezo - An Ajax web application that gives you the power to create and share professional quality presentations over the web without software or plug-ins. - ENGLISH
  • PrintFriendly - Make a printer friendly & PDF version of any webpage. - ENGLISH
  • PrintWhatYouLike - Lets you print the good parts of any Web page while skipping ads and other junk. - ENGLISH
  • PrintWhatYouLike.com - A free online editor that lets you format any Web page for printing in seconds. - ENGLISH
  • Privnote - Share a confidential note via a web link that will self-destruct after it is read by your intended recipient. - ENGLISH
  • Psykopaint - Paint unique pieces of art from photos. Psykopaint is a new kind of online painting application which selects the colors in an image and applies it to your brush automatically. It's really fun, easy, and totally unique. - ENGLISH
  • Qipit - Free mobile online copy service: copy documents, whiteboards and handwritten notes with your camera phone or digital camera to store, fax, email or publish. - ENGLISH
  • Quick Thumbnail - A fast and powerful online image resizer. - ENGLISH
  • Readability - A simple tool that makes reading on the Web more enjoyable by removing the clutter around what you're reading. - ENGLISH
  • ScreenToaster - A free online screen recorder. Capture video of onscreen action and share them instantly. No download. Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. - ENGLISH
  • Sejda - Merge, split and mix pdf files online, for free. Set page headers and footers, page numbering. Encrypt and decrypt pdf files. Rotate pdf pages. Extract text from pdf files. - ENGLISH
  • SLR Camera Simulator - Shows you visually how ISO speed, aperture, shutter speed, and distance affect the outcome of your digital photos. - ENGLISH
  • Snipshot - Snipshot lets you crop, rotate, resize, enhance, or recolor any of your digital pictures within your browser for free. No download necessary. - ENGLISH
  • SpellCheckOnline.com - This free online spell checker and spell check enables you to check your texts for spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes and offers instant feedback to correct spelling errors. - ENGLISH
  • Sumo Paint - Online image editor and drawing application. - ENGLISH, VARIOUS LANGUAGES
  • TeuxDeux - A simple, designy, browser-based to-do app. - ENGLISH
  • The Rasterbator - Wall art generator. Enlarges images to multiple pages, which you can then print and combine into huge posters. - ENGLISH
  • ThinkFree Office - A Microsoft® Office compatible application suite comprised of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation graphics software - all usable online and offline. ThinkFree Office can automatically install and upgrade over the Web with features such as Internet-based file sharing and storage, as well as end-to-end security. Built for cross-platform functionality, ThinkFree Office is compatible with Windows, Macintosh, Unix and Linux systems. - ENGLISH
  • TiltShiftMaker - Use TiltShiftMaker to easily transform your standard photos into fun tilt-shift style miniature pictures. - ENGLISH
  • TinyJPG - Make your website faster and save bandwidth. TinyJPG compresses your JPEG images by 40-60%! - ENGLISH
  • Toodledo - An easy to use, online to-do list. Get organized, stay motivated, and be more productive. - ENGLISH
  • Web Resizer - Free online tool to optimize images for websites and email. Crop, resize, add a border and sharpen your photos easily. - ENGLISH
  • Web Tools by Peter Forret - A useful Web-based set of utilities free to use: data, music, photo, HTML, network and more. - ENGLISH
  • WebInpaint - Remove undesirable objects from still images, such as logos, watermarks, power lines, people, text or any other undesired artifacts. - ENGLISH
  • Whats Its Color - An image-color processing utility that will evaluate an image and give you the image's primary and complementary dominant colors of an image, how many visually unique colors are in it, and the top ten visually unique colors. Extremely useful when creating any type of designs around an image. - ENGLISH
  • WikiCards - A free tool that helps you organize any kind of collections. A collection can be a set of contacts, documents, tasks, hour records, software bugs, photos, recipes and many more. You can access the data with your phone or add them to a website. - ENGLISH
  • Winmaildat.com - Extract the content of this pesky outlook attachments with this online tool. - ENGLISH, VARIOUS LANGUAGES
  • Wordmark.it - An application for previewing a word of your choice with the fonts installed on your computer. Works directly from your browser. - ENGLISH
  • Writeboard - Writeboards are sharable, Web-based text documents that let you save every edit, roll back to any version, and easily compare changes. Use Writeboard to write solo or collaborate with others. - ENGLISH
  • Writely - The Web Word Processor: share documents instantly & collaborate real-time, pick exactly who can access your documents, edit your documents from anywhere, store your documents securely online. Nothing to download. It is easy to use and free! - ENGLISH
  • x.minutes.at - Helps you manage your time while Web surfing by putting a timer on any website! - ENGLISH
  • YouconvertIt - Convert any media file format (Documents, Images, Audio, Video & Archives) without buying or installing anything on your PC. - ENGLISH
  • Zamzar - Free online file conversion. Transform your songs, videos, images and documents into different formats. - ENGLISH
  • Zoho - Offers a suite of online web applications geared towards increasing your productivity and offering easy collaboration. Zoho's online office tools include a word processor, spreadsheet application, presentation tool, hosted wiki, notebook, CRM, etc. - ENGLISH

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