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  • Cloud SMS - Based on cloud computing technology, Cloud SMS is US's largest free SMS service, which allows you to send SMS to any cell phone carrier via the Web at no cost. No signup required. No login required. Supported by the University of Liverpool. - ENGLISH
  • eXcell - eXcell is a free, public internet gateway for Short Messages (GSM/SMS). With eXcell you can send emails from your mobile telephone at the cost of a simple SMS. - ENGLISH
  • Free-SMS-Anbieter - Free-SMS-Anbieter im Vergleich, getestet und verglichen von Teltarif.de. - GERMAN
  • WorldXS.net - SMS - In tables ordered per country code, you will find several ways to send free SMS from the WWW or from E-Mail. - ENGLISH, ITALIAN

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  Links > Computers > Internet > Short Message Service

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