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Linksgiving.com looks for various kinds of links (mainly in English, with the possibility to insert German and Italian sites as well). Together with this normal search, we also seek for links belonging to a special category in 15 day rounds. The specific category of "looking for..." is voted for by the Linksgiving.com users (see below "B").

In this round our visitors decided to collect links about:   INVESTING


You can type up to 6 various links and up to 6 "looking for" links. In the proper "textareas", if you wish, you can write a short commentary (each link in one row). You do not need to type the title of the linked Web site.


We do NOT accept commercial sites, offering paid services and/or products. To be listed in our directory (as sponsors) they have to be submitted by their owners using the "Submit Your Own Site" link found at the center bottom of every category page. All information on our commercial listings can be found
on this other page.

The minimum number of suggested Web sites must not be less than TWO (in total, various and/or "looking for" links) and these two sites must not be connected whatsoever (e.g. same webmaster, same organisation...).
Single suggestions will NOT be accepted.

Once again, this form is not meant for you to publicize your own site.
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